Pesticide against Cockroaches, Fleas, Ants, Lice, Bugs, Moths, Mosquito, Tick, and Other Insects.
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Bolhairtó, Kullancsirtó,Tetűirtó, Csótányirtó, Molyirtó, Hangyairtó, Poloskairtó.
Környezetbarát EU-Kompatibilis Szabvány.
100% Natural production EU Compatibile Standards.
Piretrin, Pyrethrum, Permethrin, Pyrethrins, Rovarirtó szer.
Household pesticide
& Pesticide for Treating Animals
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EU Compatible
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Flea or tick, hazards yours - PIRETMIX is best of course!
Rovarirtó Piretmix
Rovarirtó Piret-mix
Rovarirtó Piretrin
Rovarirtó Permetrin
Bolhairtó Piretmix
Csótányirtó Piretmix
Tetűirtó Piretmix
Molyirtó Piretmix
Hangyairtó Piretmix
Poloskairtó Piretmix
Poloska Ellen Piretmix

Professional Report

Piret-mix insecticide spray A.U.V.
Tick Killing Impact Study
with Laboratory In Vitro Method

Pyrethrin Professional Report

3. Conclusion

Based on the completed laboratory in vitro examinations it can be said that the Piret Mix Insecticide Spray A.U.V., which contains pyrethrum and permethrin active ingredients, has a significant efficacy in killing the hungry adults (having not fed on blood) of the two most common ticks species, the Dermacentor reticulatns and the Ixodes, found in homeland dogs. The ticks had contact with the product for only five minutes and the symptoms of poisoning were already visible (abnormal posture, body and leg movements). In three hours the insects of both genders and both tick species died. Based on the observations it can be said that the adult ticks that cling to dogs and the more sensitive nymphs and larvae will die in a short time if they contact the treated hair or skin of the dog.

The preventive, immediate and residual effects of the product can be stated by in vivo examinations on dogs that were naturally or intentionally infected with ticks. In the in vivo examinations special attention must be given to the head and ears of the dogs as most ticks attack these parts of their body. (Földvári and Farkas, 2005a). Long haired dogs must be thoroughly treated because only a thorough treatment can ensure that not a single tick can feed on the dog’s blood. If the body is thus treated, the tick repellent effect will probably last longer.

Törökbálint, May 21st 2008

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Prof. Dr. habil Farkas Róbert DVM PhD, Dipl.ofEVPC