Pesticide against Cockroaches, Fleas, Ants, Lice, Bugs, Moths, Mosquito, Tick, and Other Insects.
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Környezetbarát EU-Kompatibilis Szabvány.
100% Natural production EU Compatibile Standards.
Piretrin, Pyrethrum, Permethrin, Pyrethrins, Rovarirtó szer.
Household pesticide
& Pesticide for Treating Animals
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Flea or tick, hazards yours - PIRETMIX is best of course!
Rovarirtó Piretmix
Rovarirtó Piret-mix
Rovarirtó Piretrin
Rovarirtó Permetrin
Bolhairtó Piretmix
Csótányirtó Piretmix
Tetűirtó Piretmix
Molyirtó Piretmix
Hangyairtó Piretmix
Poloskairtó Piretmix
Poloska Ellen Piretmix
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bolhák piretmix rovarirtó
bolhák piretmix rovarirtó
bolhák piretmix rovarirtó



The number of species is 200, their size is 1-8 mm. The human flea (Pulex irritans) is common. Every mammal has their special flea. Fleas are small, dark brown, black or yellowish animals. Their body is laterally compressed. The small head and the thorax are grown together. On the sides of the head there are simple eyes and a pair of short, three sectioned, tube-like mouthparts. Their mouthparts adapted to sucking blood. On their hard body backward spikes and comb-like hairs can be found, the shape and position of which are typical of the species. On the last section of their legs strong claws can be found. The two hind legs well adapted to jumping. Fleas occur on the bodies of mammals, humans and birds and in their nests, dens and in houses. Their larvae live on organic waste.

For killing fleas we recommend our sprays and powders. A thin layer of powder must be spread directly to the concealed places of the insects and to cracks and gaps. The application must be repeated weekly if necessary. 5-10 g of powder is needed for 1 m2. It can be used in warehouses, basements and other rooms. We recommend the use of sprays in living spaces. It leaves no residue. You can also apply it to upholstered furniture. It is colourless and odourless. It remains effective for several weeks unless the treated surface is washed.


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piretmix rovarirtó
piretmix rovarirtó
piretmix rovarirtó
piretmix rovarirtó